• Ceramic Tile Care Guide

Ceramic Tile Floor Care Guide

Although glazed ceramic tile requires less floor care than most other flooring types, understanding the characteristics, proper care and maintenance of ceramic tile, will ensure your new floors wear well and provide many years of enjoyment. Here are a few tips to help you get started.


Wash Regularly

Use a mild, diluted detergent solution, such as Mr. Clean or Spic and Span, to remove any dirt or grit from your ceramic tile floor. Immediately rinse the floor with clean, warm water. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners that may discolor some types of colored grout.

Vacuum Regularly

Sweep, or vacuum your ceramic tile regularly.

Never Wax a Tile

The glazed ceramic finish should never be waxed.

Wipe Spills Immediately

If some liquids get spilled on the floor you may use an all-purpose cleaner like Fantastic, or Top Job to clean up the affected area. This will help the grout joints from becoming discolored from spills. 

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