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Commercial Floor Coverings

Our great selection, dependable service and straightforward, honest pricing makes us one of Wisconsin’s most popular commercial flooring providers. We’re committed to maintaining a high professional standard, respecting our customers’ time and doing only our best, regardless of customer size. Contact us below if you are interested in meeting with CarpetsPlus of Wisconsin to discuss your commercial business needs.

Please download and fill out our credit application or do so below to see if you qualify for credit with CarpetsPLUS of Wisconsin. 

Credit Application


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Buyer authorizes all persons, institutions, organizations, companies and credit report agencies to furnish any and all pertinent information, including commercial and consumer credit reports, requested by Carpets Plus of Wisconsin. The undersigned and the buyer, if different, each warrant that the information given in the Credit Application and Agreement is true and no unfavorable information has been omitted. The extension of credit here under, the amount of credit and the cancellations or reduction of credit shall be within the sole discretion of Carpets Plus of Wisconsin.