Stone floors are a timeless classic, but in recent years, we’ve seen them incorporate more style options than ever. It's no surprise that floor and wall tiles have begun to set their own trends. In this post, we'll quickly cover a few of the most popular styles.

Rustic stone floor tiles

The rustic look helps tiles better reflect their natural aesthetics. With new interior design trends focusing more on nature, it’s no surprise that rustic visuals are making a comeback. However, rustic tiles can still be arranged in contemporary patterns. They don’t necessarily have to reflect a vintage look.

Gray stone floor tile

Gray floors have been trending for so long that we’re beginning to think that it’s not just a fad anymore. In fact, the color is even beginning to spread beyond floors as it also takes cabinets, backsplashes, and doors by storm. It makes sense that all shades of gray are trending since the color tends to highlight the natural aesthetics of stone.

Wood look stone tile

Wood floors look great, but they don’t always hold up well in areas with high moisture. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. But what if hardwood panels really would complete the look in these areas?

More tile & stone floors are incorporating hardwood aesthetics. This allows the unique style of wood in rooms where wood planks just won't last. And it's not just about surface style; some wood-look tile floors are also etched with the textures that are commonly found in hardwood panels.

Farmhouse stone floor

With tile floors incorporating wood looks, it’s only natural that they will also reflect some of hardwood’s trends. One of the more interesting styles we see emerging is the farmhouse wood look. It's often characterized by rustic, distressed, or classic styles with rich, natural colors.

Pale tones

Brighter colors tend to have a calming effect – and after the kind of year we’ve had, it’s no surprise that these tones are trending. Blond and light brown planks are especially popular. In addition to the calming effects, these colors are also known to make rooms appear larger. Brighter tones offer a great foundation when setting the rest of the room's style.

Industrial stone tile

While the farmhouse style is trending, we're seeing its opposite gain steam as well. Industrial-style tiles are also gaining popularity for their edgy designs and luxurious appeal. They are often defined by darker colors with subtle (but noticeable) features carved into the tile. Industrial designs tend to invoke a modern feel.