Home projects are often put off because they are seen as expensive, tedious and time consuming. However, this doesn't have to be the case with new flooring; consumers continue to benefit from industry innovations. Many of these continue to be found in laminate, which continues to outperform its natural counterparts across several metrics. Here, we'll briefly explore some the benefits and features of laminate flooring.


Laminate's appeal has always stemmed from its resemblence to natural flooring (hardwood, stone, etc). In recent years, new design and engineering methods allow laminate to perfectly match the look and feel of its natural counterparts. High quality, carefully placed photos utilize the latest advancements in technology to match natural patterns. And finishes are cut to match the patterns appearing on the photographic layer, matching realistic physical textures to the stunning visuals. Even better, special treatments like melamine resins keep these photos looking great for years to come.

High traffic areas

Laminate flooring was designed to support heavy traffic in areas where hardwood flooring couldn't hold up. As we've mentioned, a melamine resin creates a layer that protects the flooring underneath scratching, denting or wearing over time. Even below this wear layer, laminate floors are naturally resistant to dents.


Laminate flooring used to have one noticeable vulnerability: moisture. If spills weren't cleaned immediately, moisture could seep through the cracks and into the subfloor. In recent years, more waterproof options have become available. This has helped correct the one downside to purchasing laminate floors, and while selections are currently limited, we're seeing more options become available.

Easy maintenance

Laminate floors are easy to maintain. You will need a cleaning solution specifically designed for laminate, but these products are easy to find and often cost less than $10. No waxing is ever necessary. Just sweep daily and mop weekly with regular use. Also remember to use placemats.


Laminate flooring is also a more affordable option than many of its hardwood counterparts. It costs less to purchase upfront and is usually easier (and cheaper) to install. As we've already discussed, laminate is also built to last for decades of high traffic. Consider it's also easy to maintain, laminate floors keep costs low for both the short and long terms without skimping on quality.