Tile & stone floors have always been a trendy choice. In recent years, their beautiful aesthetics have been matched by innovations in performance, water resistance and enhanced durability for a material that's already durable. One of our leading tile & stone collections, Collina, captures them all with porcelain and ceramic tile options. We'll quickly discuss what sets it apart here.


Collina comes in a variety of trendy styles. Stone floors have a unique way of adding a touch of luxury, and Collina does it especially well. It comes in a variety of colors and tones, and they all reflect a Tuscan vibe with brick or stone layouts. Styles include both modern and traditional selections. Collina also offer a range of matching wall-tile options.


Stone tile floors are known for their durability, and Collina brings it to a new level. It is composed of porcelain, a tile material that, during manufacturing, is fired to extremely high temperatures. As a result, it is much more impervious than ceramic tile.

Collina features a glazed surface in both its porcelain and ceramic configurations. This layer is designed to resist dents and surface scrapes, even in high traffic areas. It's a great choice for both residential and commercial applications.


Ceramic tiles are popular in kitchens and bathrooms, but they're not as moisture resistant as some think. It still has an absorption rate, and now that can cause tiles to expand out of place over time.

Porcelain tiles are completely waterproof. They will never expand after exposure to moisture, even if spills aren't cleaned right away. Collina is composed of porcelain. In fact, given its durability and moisture resistance, Collina's porcelain tiles are even rated for outdoor applications.