Kitchen floors have unique needs to fulfill. They are exposed to more moisture, drops, spills, and bacteria. They must be durable, easy to clean, and provide a welcoming space for the family to gather. Fortunately, there are a few options that fit the bill. In this post, we’ll discuss our best stone kitchen flooring solutions.

Oasis (ceramic tile)

Ceramic is the original stone tile flooring. It’s composed of dust from natural stones like slate, marble, and rock. They are pressed and heated for both durability and moisture resistance. Ceramic tiles often feature classic designs, although they can also be customized with photographic layers.

Oasis by Shaw Floors is an excellent example of the best that ceramic tile has to offer. It comes in a variety of styles that feature a heavy natural influence. It also features a high breaking point and an eco-friendly build.

Stanza (porcelain tile)

While all porcelain is ceramic, not all ceramic is porcelain. Porcelain tile is a refined take on ceramic that is, without a doubt, the best choice for long-term performance. It’s fired at extremely high temperatures, making it nearly impervious to damage. Porcelain also has an extremely low absorption rate, making it waterproof even if spills aren’t cleaned right away. Its surface is naturally hygienic and easier to clean. It is a little more expensive initially, but easily pays off in the long run.

Stanza is one of our premier porcelain tile floors. It features concrete visuals with a modern arrangement. The style invokes a sense of luxury and is perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms.

Allegheny Slate (LVT)

Imagine having the look, feel, and performance of stone without the price. When vinyl flooring first hit the market, it didn’t do this very well. Fast forward to today, and that sad fact has completely changed.

Like porcelain, luxury vinyl tile is waterproof – it can even withstand being completely submerged. This means spills and moisture will never be a problem, even if they’re not cleaned right away.

Allegheny Slate features a unique style that blends various colors on which tile. The result: a floor that reflects the beauty of nature with a touch of creative design.