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Laminate Floors Float, And Look Like…

So what, exactly, is a laminate floor? It's a sandwich where the middle layer is a picture of the pattern. The top layer is a very hard plastic surface and the bottom depends on the manufacturer. The pieces of flooring "click" together with or without the use of glue, which depends on your final product choice.

Because of the way it’s made, laminate floors are also beautiful, rivaling the look of the natural materials they depict. They’re durable, too, with options built to withstand the heaviest traffic. Finally, they are among the most forgiving options when the floor underneath isn’t quite perfect.

Installation of laminate flooring is often easier than other flooring options. Since most don’t glue, the flooring simply “clicks” together is a system that floats above the floor beneath. Many find it a rewarding do-it-yourself project. But you can, of course, count on our crack installation team to click things into place, usually in one day. Best of all, their work is guaranteed.

Want something that looks just like wood? We’ve got laminates that defy the eye. Like ceramic tile? No problem. We have mix of gorgeous patterns, texture, and colors for you to explore. Browse our manufacturers links to start exploring what is available.






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