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img In all of our dealings with Mark Sellnow, customer service was great and he was extremely helpful. From our purchasing our first carpet and then dealing with and helping us when we found problems, he was always very pleasant, took our concerns seriously, and with his help... img

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The perfect floor starts with finding the right products

We have more manufactured flooring choices available today than ever before. Each type of floor offers specific wear characteristics, has a different aesthetic appeal, provides different acoustic characteristics and, of course, comes with its own pricing.

Choosing the right floor for your home or commercial setting requires careful review of the way the floor will be used. We can help you consider variables like traffic, exposure to the environment, facility use, durability and aesthetics. For now, take a look at the possibilities. Pick a few favorites and then let’s talk.

Cleaning Products

Proper Care And Cleaning Are the Best Insurance

You have to know that, with all of the options, materials and finishes, there’s an ideal way for take care of each kind of floor. We’ve got all of that down cold and we stock the perfect cleaners and tools to follow every manufacturer’s recommendation to the “T”. Don’t kid yourself. The cleaners you use (and the way you use them) make a big difference in how well your new floor wears and how long it keeps its “like new” look.

The good thing is, all you have to remember is that we have the solution in stock for every floor we sell. If you every have a question or a doubt, just give us a call.

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